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Webber’s innovative teaching idea, “For the Love of Art,” focuses on bringing art back to the Cathedral School’s elementary program in a fresh, creative, and community minded way. The previous art teach has since retired and the program was unable to be supported again. Webber plans to keep the arts active in the school by having a variety of talented artists in the community visit each month to tell their stories, teach creative skills and provide hands-on exploration in the classroom. Through the financial support of the Voya grant, Webber plans to purchase the necessary supplies for each student to complete each lesson and host an art show at the end of the school year. Volunteer artists involved in the project, parents, teachers and the students’ peers would be invited to celebrate. In addition, one piece of each student’s own art would be placed in a silent auction where a portion of the proceeds would be used to replenish supplies for the next year and create an art scholarship fund for the school.

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Cathedral School
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2 018
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