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Hero and Project Description: 

Garcia’s and Malignaggi’s innovative teaching project, “Literate Poets,” focuses on foster literacy through poetry and performance. With the Voya grant, Garcia and Malignaggi will promote a passion for literacy through the spoken word, through an existing initiative known as the “Get Lit Program.” This program, with the support of the Voya grant, will be expanded to the school’s 300 students and provide funding to support a school-wide poetry competition, promoting literacy for all students. The goal of this project is to connect to students in a way that promotes the spoken word and inspires creativity, a quality that is sought out by many employers. Success will be measured by increased participation and an increase in English grades and writing skills.

Unsung Hero City: 
La Puente
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Unsung Hero School: 
Nogales High School
Unsung Hero Year: 
2 018
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