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The team’s innovative teaching idea, “No Holds Barred," is focused on building a cohesive department where business, science, and technology classes work together to create a program that requires students to break out of their bubble to build, design, and sell products of their own design. Students involved in this new and unique program will engage in meaningful project-based learning experiences, encourage students in interdisciplinary learning, and motivate their peers to think as scientists, entrepreneurs and artists. The students will begin by learning the basics of hands-on entrepreneurship and business management as they form their own small business. Cedarville High School business, science, and technology students will no longer be learning from a textbook, but rather using the skills they are learning to create and develop products to be marketed and sold on the schools dedicated e-commerce website. By selling the products that they create, students’ learning experiences will become an actual commodity.

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Cedarville High School
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2 016
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