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Campbell’s innovative teaching idea, “A World of Pure Imagication,” focuses on exploring foundational literacy concepts through the eyes of the students at Berewick Elementary School. Students involved in the project will be provided with a topic that they will ultimately need to create into a product. Campbell will assign student groups a topic that they struggled to learn in the past, enabling them to better teach that concept since they understand why it is challenging and how to make it easier to learn. Groups will create a visual representation on paper, make a 3-5 minute video to explain why they chose it and create a lesson to teach it to their peers. Campbell will project the visuals on the classroom walls for students to create a mural. With the Voya grant, touchscreen monitors will be installed along the hallway to see the videos and floating book boxes will be installed to put the students’ games and activities inside. Once completed, there will be a grand opening of the newly designed hallway for the school.

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Berewick Elementary School
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2 018
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