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Aniag’s innovative teaching idea, “Build A House,” focuses on harnessing the creativity and problem-solving skills of her students through the design and construction of a miniature 3D version of a house. Through applying area, perimeter and geometry skills, Aniag hopes students involved in the project will leverage their own imagination to design a truly unique structure. The activity will focus on designing elements, challenging students to apply prior knowledge, and collaborating in the classroom. Students will be required to design a house that contains at least 20 different pieces of furnishings and then find the area and perimeter of each item. Through the support of the Voya grant, Aniag will be able to help her students discover real-world application of math concepts used in building, the power of imagination and creativity, and the impact of problem-solving strategies.

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Los Angeles
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New Designs Charter School - Watts
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2 018
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