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Hero and Project Description: 

Bradley’s and DiGiacomo’s innovative teaching idea, “CR Stories,” focuses on creating a collaborative, multimodal digital storytelling project that will span grades 4-12, highlighting the students' strengths and funds of knowledge. The primary goals of this project include engagement, equity, and enrichment through providing immigrant students and their families a way to engage with the school and the community. Students involved in the project will collaborate with staff to create digital stories that highlight who they are and the most significant aspects of their culture. Listening stations will provide students and families an easy-to-use tool to gather oral histories, conversations and interviews. These digital stories will be shared with the school community, school blog and “Listening Station Network” of users. Through this project funded by the Voya grant, the students and their families will be provided with a voice in the local community.

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Cedar Rapids
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Unsung Hero School: 
Harding Middle School
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2 018
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