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Cole’s innovative teaching idea, “Literacy Through Music,” focuses on involving young students physically by providing them with musical instruments to expand their knowledge, learning and memory skills. With the Voya grant, Cole will be able to purchase the necessary tools to distribute equally among all grade levels at Murray Manor Elementary as well as provide teacher training for the program. Students involved in the project will find that music can be a force for good in their elementary years, as it can increase their literacy in all academic subjects. At the beginning and end of the school year, students will be assessed on their reading level. Throughout the year, students will be taught how to play instruments, write songs and will perform for the community. Through the power of music, collaboration and engagement, Cole hopes that the students will be able to increase their reading levels and create a stronger sense of self.

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La Mesa
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Unsung Hero School: 
Murray Manor Elementary School
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2 018
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