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Schlosser’s innovative teaching idea, “STEAMy DNA,” focuses on creating a cohesive learning experience for the different subjects she teaches at Platt Technical High School. Students involved in the project will examine DNA extractions at a deeper level by running fragments through a gel electrophoresis, allowing them to compare banding patterns to determine relationships between various organisms and individuals. Students will also work in groups to solve various real-world problems through the use of gel electrophoresis and project-based learning, relating science and engineering. According to Schlosser, at a technical high school, exposure to biotechnology is extremely important as it is an up and coming discipline and many of the students at Platt Technical have a head start in trades, further enhancing this field. With the Voya grant, Schlosser will purchase the necessary materials to support this program.

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Platt Technical High School
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2 018
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