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Hero and Project Description: 

Reismeier’s innovative teaching idea, “Telescope and Observatory,” focuses on installing an observatory at Ho’okena Elementary School and creating a classroom specifically for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math (STEM) topics. Previously, the school had acquired a telescope for the observatory, but with the Voya grant, Reismeier will be able to purchase the additional software and resources necessary to operate and configure the telescope. The Observatory will become a central location for STEM lessons where students will study the sciences related to astronomy while leveraging engineering and computer skills to operate the telescope. Reismeier’s hopes his approach will strengthen and improve the teachers' ability to teach these topics effectively and ultimately improve student learning.

Unsung Hero City: 
Kailu Kona
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Unsung Hero School: 
Ho’okena Elementary School
Unsung Hero Year: 
2 018
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