Voya High Yield Bond Fund Receives Five-Star Ranking from Morningstar as Team Marks Five-Year Milestone


Voya Investment Management, the asset management business of Voya Financial, Inc. (NYSE: VOYA), announced today that Morningstar has given the Voya High Yield Bond Fund a five-star, overall rating for its class I shares (IHYIX).

The Voya high yield bond team recently reached its five-year anniversary under the leadership of Randall (“Randy”) Parrish, CFA. During that five-year period, Voya Investment Management’s institutional and retail offerings have earned top-quartile return rankings1 and top-decile information ratio rankings2 within their Morningstar and eVestment Alliance peer groups.

“For high yield bonds, the overwhelming majority of risk is issuer-specific credit risk, which is why our approach in managing assets is to identify opportunities and limit credit losses,” said Parrish, who has served as lead portfolio manager for Voya Investment Management’s institutional and retail high yield offerings since March 2010. “We’re proud of our achievements and equally proud of what we’ve been able to deliver to investors.”

Voya Investment Management’s high yield fixed income team manages $3.9 billion in assets. Parrish noted that the team’s view of high yield credit quality is largely unchanged from 2014. 

“High yield fixed income spreads are justifiably wider than they were in 2014,” said Parrish. “We see the U.S. economic recovery being solid enough to prevent a turning of the credit cycle broadly and to offset several increased risks, such as energy sector defaults, further weakness in China and other emerging markets and geopolitical risk in oil-producing countries. At current levels, high yield bonds likely have the ability to absorb at least a portion of an eventual rise in interest rates.”

“Our clients look to us for our focus on being a reliable partner committed to reliable investing and we know that core to this is having a great, experienced team that’s dedicated to deep fundamental credit research. By diversifying risk and incorporating multiple return drivers, we have demonstrated an ability to find value and deliver consistent outperformance with lower volatility.”

The Voya high yield strategy is leveraged across multiple platforms, in pure-form vehicles such as the mutual fund and institutional portfolio, and as a component of numerous Voya multi asset strategies and vehicles. 

1 Class I shares (IHYIX) of the Voya High Yield Bond Fund ranked 33 out of 504 funds in their Morningstar high yield peer group for the five-year period ended January 31, 2015. See the disclosure at the end of this press release concerning the calculation of Morningstar rankings. For the five-year period ended December 31, 2014, the institutional high yield strategy, in terms of excess return as measured by the Voya High Yield Composite, ranked 14 out of 166 strategies in its eVestment peer group. eVestment Alliance LLC collects information from investment management and other sources believed to be reliable; however, eVestment does not guarantee or warrant the accuracy, timeliness or completeness of the information provided. Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

2 For the five-year period ended December 31, 2014, class I shares of the Voya High Yield Bond Fund had an information ratio of 1.33, placing it fourth in its Morningstar peer group. For the same period, the institutional high yield strategy had an information ratio of 1.26, as measured by the Voya High Yield Composite, placing it third in its eVestment peer group. Past performance is no guarantee of future results. 

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