Pomona Investment Fund Marks 5-year Anniversary

NEW YORK, LONDON, HONG KONG--(BUSINESS WIRE)-- Pomona Capital, a global private equity firm specializing in secondaries investing, announced today that Pomona Investment Fund (PIF) has reached its 5-year anniversary with approximately $200 million in assets under management as of Dec. 31, 2019. Since inception, PIF’s Class A shares have delivered a net return of 10.15% to investors.

Launched in 2015, PIF is a registered investment vehicle designed to offer accredited investors broad exposure to a portfolio of private equity investments managed by experienced general partners.

The majority of PIF’s investments are expected to be secondary interests in seasoned private equity funds, with a supplementary focus on primary and direct commitments. Similar to Pomona’s institutional fund offerings, the fund’s strategy seeks to acquire high-quality, mature assets with identifiable near-term liquidity and downside protection at compelling prices.

Pomona Capital is one of the earliest pioneers in the secondary private equity investing space. With more than 25 years of experience providing efficient liquidity solutions for investors, the senior investment team at Pomona has an average tenure of 15 years together. With offices around the world, Pomona engages with investors and assets on a global scale.

“We are pleased to recognize an important milestone for the Pomona Investment Fund this year,” said Michael Granoff, chief executive officer, Pomona Capital. “We believe that the fund offers retail investors the opportunity to invest in private equity in a risk-conscious strategy just like the most sophisticated institutional investors around the world. Pomona adapted the traditional institutional fund structure in an innovative way to meet the needs of individual investors, and we look forward to continued growth in the years ahead.”

About Pomona Capital

Pomona is an international private equity firm with approximately $12.3 billion in aggregate capital commitments as of December 31, 2019 across its sponsored-funds and separate accounts on behalf of a global group of over 350 sophisticated investors from more than 25 countries. Pomona was founded in 1994 and was one of the earliest secondary market investors, establishing itself as a pioneer in the marketplace. Pomona also has a $5.1 billion business making primary investments in private equity funds as a strategic complement to the secondaries business. Pomona has collectively invested in partnership interests in approximately 700 private equity funds, diversified across the spectrum of private equity, with underlying investments in over 8,500 companies since inception. Pomona Capital’s team is based in New York, London and Hong Kong. Pomona’s capital capacity and global reach are enhanced by a strategic partnership with Voya Investment Management. Investors should carefully consider a fund’s investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. This and other important information is contained in a fund’s prospectus, which can be obtained by visiting www.pomonainvestmentfund.com. Please read it carefully before investing.

The inception date for Pomona Investment Fund is 5/7/2015. The date used to calculate since inception is December 31, 2019, which is the most recent date available. Please visit PIF’s website at www.pomonainvestmentfund.com for the most recent inception to date returns once those are available.

Past performance is no guarantee of future results.

Principal Risks. An investment in the Fund involves a considerable amount of risk. A Shareholder may lose money. Before making an investment decision, a prospective investor should (i) consider the suitability of this investment with respect to the investor’s investment objectives and personal situation and (ii) consider factors such as the investor’s personal net worth, income, age, risk tolerance, and liquidity needs. The Fund is an illiquid investment. Shareholders have no right to require the Fund to redeem their Shares in the Fund and, as discussed in the Fund’s prospectus, the Fund conducts quarterly tender offers subject to Board approval. Therefore, before investing investors should carefully read the Fund’s prospectus and consider carefully the risks that they assume when they invest in the Fund’s common shares.

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