ING U.S. Investment Management Target-Date Assets Approach $10 Billion Mark


NEW YORK, Sept. 19, 2013 /PRNewswire/ -- ING U.S. Investment Management, one of the largest target-date managers in the U.S., announced today that its series of target-date collective trusts has surpassed $1 billion in assets coinciding with its three-year anniversary.  ING U.S. Investment Management, which manages approximately $10 billion in target-date assets, launched the ING Target Solution Collective Trust Series at the beginning of 2010 to bring its innovative portfolio design and collective trust vehicle to the large defined contribution market segment.

The ING Target Solution Collective Trust Series is comprised of nine trusts corresponding to nine retirement target dates commencing with 2015 and ending with 2055.  In addition, there is a trust series designed as an investment option for retired individuals.

"We are very pleased with the reception our Target Solution Collective Trust Series has received in the marketplace," said Bas NieuweWeme, managing director and head of Institutional Distribution at ING U.S. Investment Management.  "Given the continued popularity of target-date solutions, we believe it is imperative to offer the market the most effective design to meet the needs of plan participants to advance their state of retirement readiness.  Crossing the $1 billion threshold in collective trust assets soon after the Series reached its three-year anniversary underscores the significant benefits it brings to defined contribution plan investing."

ING U.S. Investment Management's combined target-date strategies offer a number of elements that represent a favorable portfolio design for DC plan clients:

  • Open architecture.  The trusts incorporate both proprietary and non-proprietary funds.
  • Broad diversification.  The portfolios invest in a broad range of traditional and alternative asset classes to provide diversification, global market exposure and access to alpha opportunities across investment categories and geographies.
  • An active/passive blend.  By mixing active and passive investment strategies the portfolios can draw on the skills of a variety of proven institutional asset managers in pursuit of cost-effective alpha.
  • Participant-centric glide path design.  The portfolios are designed to maximize wealth accumulation early in a participant's career while substantially reducing the potential for significant loss near retirement.

ING U.S. Investment Management's Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions team constructs and manages all of the firm's multi-asset products and solutions, including target-date strategies.  The team consists of 28 investment professionals with expertise in asset allocation, macroeconomic forecasting, quantitative research, optimization techniques, and manager selection and research.

"We are committed to serving the DC market with high-quality offerings that take advantage of our expertise in constructing multi-asset portfolios and proven approach to target-date investments," said Paul Zemsky, chief investment officer for the Multi-Asset Strategies & Solutions team.  "Given their designation as a qualified default investment option, we expect target-date funds will continue to grow in popularity.  We are pleased with the market's response to our Trust Series."

For more information on ING U.S. Investment Management's target-date offerings, please visit: or contact Bas NieuweWeme at [email protected].

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