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As a leading provider of retirement products and services in the U.S., Voya Financial has a long heritage of retirement income, solutions, planning capabilities and experience. Voya offers a comprehensive suite of retirement income products and services to help individuals to and through retirement.

myOrangeMoney shifts the way people think about savings — from a big balance, to what they’ll need in terms of monthly income at retirement.  It is an innovative experience that transforms how individuals interact with and think about their retirement savings.

The VoyaLifetime Income Protection program is a target date asset allocation program available for 401(k) participants of small and mid-sized employers. It features guaranteed and non-guaranteed elements that address both the accumulation and the draw down phases of retirement planning.

The VoyaLifetime Income annuity product is a fixed annuity that offers retirees flexibility, income growth potential and built-in guarantees. The product provides income benefits that step up based on the number of years an individual delays income withdrawals and are linked to changes in the S&P 500® Index.

Broker-dealer Voya Financial Advisors offers a retirement income practice management program that can help financial advisors address important lifetime income planning needs with clients.

The Voya Retirement Income Redefined study, highlights how important it is for more Americans to continue shifting their thinking from an “accumulation-only” mindset to include effective strategies that address the draw-down phase of retirement. The study underscored some thought-provoking gaps between the perceptions and realities many people may face with respect to their own retirement security.