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Voya Financial is committed to gaining greater insights into the various factors – including emotional and psychological – that affect how people save and plan for retirement. Through a variety of original studies, Voya aims to turn research into action and develop solutions that help improve retirement readiness for more Americans.  Studies address a wide array of financial priorities and market segments. Signature studies in recent years include:

Millennials Research Study

Millennials are a true barometer of today’s economic environment.  The Millennials Research study focuses on the financial needs and challenges of younger Americans and the impact on their future retirement.  

Millennials Research Study Report


Participant Preferences in Target Date Funds

The Participant Preferences in Target Date Funds study focuses on retirement plan participants' understanding, perceptions and expectations of target date funds.  The study found that individuals prefer the simplicity target date funds offer and those who invest in these funds are more confident about their retirement than investors who didn't own such a fund.

Participant Preferences in Target Date Funds Report

The Retirement Experience

The Retirement Experience study examines the situations of those individuals closest to experiencing retirement – both immediately before and through retirement – comparing what pre-retirees expect of retirement with what retirees experience. 

Retirement Experience Report

Retirement Income Redefined

The Retirement Income Redefined study highlights how important it is for more Americans to continue shifting their thinking from an “accumulation-only” mindset to include effective strategies that address the draw-down and income phase of retirement. The study underscored gaps between the perceptions and realities that exist for many people with respect to their own retirement security.

Retirement Income Redefined Study Executive Summary

Marriage and Money

The Marriage and Money study looks at relative savings and other financial behaviors based on marital status.

Marital Status, Money and Retirement

Life and Health Advisor
Marriage & Money: A True Valentine

State of Savings

The State of Savings study examines the effects of state of residence on retirement savings and how individuals choose to compare themselves to others.

State of Savings

Insurance Revealed

The Insurance Revealed study uncovered striking disconnects in attitudes and behaviors towards life insurance. The study revealed that the majority of consumers understood the value - particularly death benefit protection for their family - and felt the current economy made life insurance more important.  Yet, many lack confidence in their coverage amount and have not talked with their spouse about what would happen to the family finances if one of them passed away.

Life and Health Advisor
InProfile: Heather Lavallee

Women and Retirement: What About Women (and Retirement)?

The Women and Retirement: What About Women? study examined a range of financial and retirement savings patterns, behaviors and attitudes among women.  This research sheds light on the distinct retirement planning challenges faced by women, offering insights based on gender, age and marital status. Women, on the whole, earn lower wages and save less than men, yet are likely to live longer and need more assets to fund a dignified, comfortable retirement.

Mom's Retirement

Women By the Numbers

Multicultural Retirement Revealed: Culture Complex

Retirement is a unifying challenge for the majority of Americans - regardless of background. To support the retirement challenges facing American's today and the changing U.S. demographics, the company commissioned the Multicultural Retirement Revealed: Culture Complex study to examine the attitudes, behaviors and preparedness of different ethnic groups regarding retirement.

U.S. News & World Report
How Ethnicity Affects Retirement Savings