ESG assets under management


ESG assets under management


With a mission to help our clients meet their investment objectives and enable them to invest across a spectrum of returns, risk, environmental, social and governance (ESG) objectives, our ESG Investment program advanced in 2018.

Understand and integrate the consideration of environmental, social and governance factors in our investment process.

We advanced our systematic integration via training and data tools for analysts and developed an ESG Rating Report for portfolio managers (PMs) to assist them in decision-making and client reporting. Investment teams now utilize ESG information such as quality scores, benchmark scores, sustainable impact metrics, momentum percentages, values alignment factors, coverage scores and carbon emissions.

Provide a select range of ESG solutions that consider return, risk, and environmental, social and governance impacts.

We formalized a spectrum of approaches across our equity, multi-assets and fixed income platforms that include:

  1. Exclusionary screens, eliminating specific securities that do not match client-specific values;
  2. ESG integration, incorporating ESG analysis as part of fundamental inputs; and
  3. ESG outcomes, focusing on ESG-specific areas that meet clients’ objectives and values. At the end of 2018, our ESG assets under management (AUM) equaled $34.1 billion1 or approximately 16 percent of our total AUM.

Implement ESG proxy voting considerations and company engagements to maximize long-term value.

We assessed ESG considerations in our proxy voting decisions and now offer proxy voting alignment to clients’ ESG values. We supported 59 percent2 of environmental- and social-related shareholder proposals in 2018. Additionally, we conducted 55 ESG-specific engagements with portfolio companies.

Contribute to the development of ESG disciplines through leadership research, partnerships and reporting.

In 2017, we became a signatory to the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), further demonstrating our commitment to responsible investing. PRI works to understand the investment implications of ESG factors and support its signatories in incorporating them through a voluntary disclosure and reporting framework, networking and resources.

1 Calculates exclusionary screening at this time.

2 For accounts voted in accordance with the Voya Investment Management Proxy Voting Policy.