The manner in which we support and service our customers is paramount. We consider it our core responsibility as a financial services firm to behave ethically, to protect customer information with the highest integrity and to impart our expert, financial knowledge in a way that is easily digestible and serves our customers and clients efficiently and transparently.

Everyone is affected by finance – from the child saving pennies in a piggybank to a retiree spending money on a fixed income. That is why we are working across our company to help ensure a financially literate America. We do this through our financial well-being work and by developing responsible and sustainable products and services, such as our Voya Cares® (opens new window) program (for people with special needs and their caregivers) and our environmental, social and governance (ESG) Investment Program in our Voya Investment Management business. We measure the success of these programs with social impact assessments on our grants, employee participation in financial wellness activities, customer satisfaction results, increase in client inquiries and purchases of related products or services, and increase in opportunities afforded to us (such as speaking engagements) because of these programs.

Obtaining thoughts and ideas from those that have an interest in what we do is an important exercise as it provides a window into how our initiatives are perceived and a vehicle for understanding expectations. We therefore include stakeholder engagement in the way we develop our overarching corporate responsibility strategy as well as the way in which we serve our clients. We measure customer satisfaction in a variety of ways, depending on the area of the business and the type of client or customer we serve. Our methods range from surveys conducted by independent organizations to one-on-one debrief meetings to group sessions.


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