Business relies on natural resources to operate — from the energy and water needed to run our buildings, to the minerals used in the manufacture of our computers. The sustainability of our business is linked to the planet's sustainability. As a financial services firm, in relation to comparable public companies in other industries, we do not emit a large amount of carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases. We believe however, that we must help to preserve the earth’s natural resources to support the growth of the global population because it is important to our business, our stakeholders and our communities.

As a result, we critically review our business activities to discover ways in which we can decrease our negative impact. In doing so, Voya Financial measures:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Waste Reduction
  • Paper Consumption
  • Travel Reduction

For more information about our commitment to the environment, please see our Environmental Commitment Statement (download PDF).

The measurement of our activities in these areas requires a spectrum of programs that comprehensively address our business operations. They are depicted in the matrix below:

Energy Waste Paper Travel Water

Renewable Energy

Recycling Volumes

Default Double-sided Printing

Business Air & Car Travel

Irrigation Reduction

Green Buildings

Waste Volumes

FSC Certified Paper

Video Conferencing

Automatic Sensor Faucets

Power Management

E-Waste Program

E-Statement Awareness

Public Transit

Low-Flow Toilets

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

We manage our operational eco-efficiency by measuring and analyzing the decrease in our total waste, energy use, paper consumption and greenhouse gas emissions, and the increase of our recycling.  We also maintain programs to engage employees in environmental protection and awareness activities, green our supply chain and foster the sustainability discipline and encourage corporate participation in environmental protection.

Voya’s environmental data is independently verified to assure that our numbers are credible — enabling us to accurately measure our sustainability performance. See the Apex Companies 2019 Assurance Statement (download PDF) for this independent verification.