Central to our environmental efforts are the employees who donate their time and talent to promote environmental stewardship among colleagues through education, awareness and action.

Employee Involvement in Earth Week Proves Fruitful

Voya employees are active participants in Earth Week activities planned by our Orange Goes Green employee-led teams. In 2018, that included events such as recycling efforts, plastic bag exchanges, paper-shred days, and garden planting projects. Collections and donations are kicked off during Earth Week but continue through year end. Throughout the week and thereafter, employees across all Voya major office locations gathered recycled items, promoted energy efficiency and raised awareness about environmental concerns.

     Recycled and/or donated:

  • 1,372 pair of shoes
  • 85 pair of jeans
  • 1,144 inkjet cartridges
  • 205 eyeglasses
  • 70 cell phones
  • 300 K-cups
  • 400 pounds of clothing, food, toys and coupons

Park Avenue Farm Stand Boosts Cafeteria Sales

Each year Voya employees create a Park Avenue Farm Stand in our New York office cafĂ©. Working closely with onsite cafeteria staff and facilities management, the Orange Goes Green team organizes a farm-to-table food display offering employees the convenience of shopping at work and the comfort of knowing their purchases will be healthy. The Farm Stand presents locally grown, farmed and/or organic produce, tarts made with those ingredients and samples to tantalize their tastes. Complimentary recipes are also made available to encourage employees to cook sustainably and healthily. Employees whose purchases totaled $5.00 or more received a reusable, environmentally-friendly bag.

TrashBash Participation Supports Community Cleanup

In 2018, employees from our Des Moines office participated in the Earth Day TrashBash, joining over 1,900 volunteers from the community to remove more than 68,000 pounds of litter, tires, metal and invasive brush material from the city limits. Voya won the Ye Olde Bag award for the second year in a row, collecting more than 2,800 plastic bags for recycling.

Finding New Homes for Old Shoes Since 2008

Voya employees have donated more than 23,000 shoes to Soles4Souls through Orange Goes Green team organized company-wide shoe drives. Donating used shoes supports Soles4Souls Micro-enterprise Program, where gently-worn shoes help Soles4Souls entrepreneurs provide for their families, with the added benefit of diverting old shoes from landfills.



New Ways of Thinking and Acting

Orange Goes Green teams provide environmental education and awareness that allows employees to explore the environmental issues we face, engage in problem solving, and take various actions that help improve the environment. In 2018, Orange Goes Green members identified creative opportunities to build awareness, including offering an enterprise-wide webinar on natural approaches to common health conditions. They also created an eco-friendly gift giving catalog with products and resources that help people live more sustainably. The catalog features items with eco-friendly materials that are recyclable, biodegradable and have other end-use environmental benefits.