Third-party awards and/or rankings about entities within the Voya family of companies are given based upon various criteria and methodologies. Awards and/or rankings are not representative of actual client experiences or outcomes, and are not indicative of any future performance. For certain awards/rankings, Voya pays a fee to be considered. For material facts regarding an award, including but not limited to whether a fee was paid to be eligible for the award, please see below.

  • World's Most Ethical Companies®, 2014-2020
  • Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies, 2018, 2020
  • Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, 2018-2020
  • Human Rights Campaign, Best Places to Work for LGBT Equality, Corporate Equality Index Perfect Score, 2006-2020
  • Disability Equality Index – Best Place to Work for Disability Inclusion, 2018-2020

  • Forbes Americas Best Employers for Diversity, 2020
  • Barron’s "100 Most Sustainable Companies" list, 2018-2020 (No. 3)
  • Disability:IN Inclusion Award, Marketplace Innovator of the Year, 2020

  • Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Leadership Club, 2008-2020

  • Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partnership Fortune 500 partner, 2020

  • Green Purchasing Council EPEAT Purchaser Award, 2018-2020

  • FTSE4GOOD Index Series, 2018-2020

  • Forbes America’s Best Large Employers, 2019

  • Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index 2019

  • Great Place to Work®, 2016-2019
  • Working Mother 100 Best Companies, 2019
  • Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index, 2016-2019
  • Pensions & Investments Best Places to Work in Money Management, 2015-2019

  • Forbes World’s Best Employer, 2018
  • National Association for Female Executives Top 70 Companies for Executive Women, 2018
  • Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Giving Back, 2018
  • MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes (formerly MSCI Global Sustainability Indexes), 2015-2019

Fortune World’s Most Admired Companies 2020  Bloomberg Gender Equality Index  Human Rights Campaign's LGBTQ Workplace Equality


2019 Worlds Most Ethical Companies  Bloomberg Gender Equality Indesx  Fortune World's Most Admired 


Forbes 2018  Pensions & Investments Magazine’s Best Places to Work in Money Management  Pensions & Investments Magazine’s Best Places to Work in Money Management


Dow Jones Sustainability Index  EPA Green Power  2018 Constituent MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes

World’s Most Ethical Companies: In 2020, Voya Financial was one of 132 companies recognized by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the 2020 World’s Most Ethical Companies. The World's Most Ethical Company assessment is based upon the Ethisphere Institute’s Ethics Quotient® framework which offers a quantitative way to assess a company’s performance in an objective, consistent and standardized way. The information collected provides a comprehensive sampling of definitive criteria of core competencies, rather than all aspects of corporate governance, risk, sustainability, compliance and ethics. Scores are generated in five key categories: ethics and compliance program (35%), corporate citizenship and responsibility (20%), culture of ethics (20%), governance (15%) and leadership, innovation and reputation (10%) and provided to all companies who participate in the process. While Voya’s Chief Communications Officer sits on the Strategic Advisory Board for the Ethisphere Institute, he plays no role in the selection process for the World’s Most Ethical Company award, but this fact has been disclosed to the extent it may be perceived as a possible conflict of interest. There is a processing fee of $3,000 USD to participate. There is also a licensing fee for use of the logo.
Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies: Voya is named to Fortune’s 2020 list of the World's Most Admired Companies. Voya was ranked as one of the most admired companies on the magazine’s list of securities and asset management companies. Fortune’s World’s Most Admired Companies list is the definitive report card on corporate reputation, and is developed by Fortune and Korn Ferry Hay Group. The study surveys top executives and directors from eligible companies, along with financial analysts, to rate enterprises in their own industry on nine criteria, from investment value and quality of management and products to social responsibility and ability to attract talent. A company’s score must rank in the top half of its industry survey to be listed.
Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index: Voya is one of 325 companies accepted to the 2020 Bloomberg Gender-Equality Index, which represents organizations from 50 industries with headquarters in 42 countries and regions. To qualify for the index, Voya disclosed details of its policies and practices with respect to how the company promotes gender equality across four separate areas – company statistics, policies, community engagement and products and services. Voya and other companies included in the 2019 Gender-Equality Index scored above a globally-established threshold, based on the extent of disclosures and the achievement of best-in-class statistics and policies.
Human Rights Campaign Best Places to Work: The Corporate Equality Index (CEI), administered by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation, evaluates LGBTQ-related policies and practices, including non-discrimination workplace protections, domestic partner benefits, transgender-inclusive health care benefits, competency programs, and public engagement with the LGBTQ community. Voya’s efforts in satisfying all of the CEI’s criteria earns it a “100 percent” ranking and the designation as a Best Place to Work for LGBTQ Equality.
Disability Equality Index: The Disability Equality Index® (DEI) is a national, transparent benchmarking tool that offers businesses an opportunity to self-report their disability inclusion policies and practices. It was developed by two national leaders, American Association of People with Disabilities and Disability:IN, in consultation with the appointed DEI Advisory Committee, a diverse group of experts in business, policy, and disability advocacy. The 2020 DEI measured culture and leadership; enterprise-wide accessibility; employment practices (benefits, recruitment, employment, education, retention and advancement, and accommodations); community engagement; and supplier diversity. In 2020, Voya Financial was one of 247 of participating companies scoring 80% or higher.
Forbes America’s Best Employers for Diversity were chosen based on an independent survey of a representative sample of 60,000 employees working for companies with at least 1,000 employees in the U.S. The survey focused on topics such as age, gender equality, ethnicity, disability, LGBTQA+ and the employees’ general views about diversity within their company.
Barron’s 100 Most Sustainable Companies: Voya Financial ranked third on Barron’s 2020 list of the 100 Most Sustainable Companies. To determine the rankings, Calvert Research and Management, an arm of Eaton Vance, assesses the 1,000 largest publicly held companies, with headquarters in the U.S., by market value. Calvert calculates the rankings by measuring sustainability performance based on 300 indicators across five categories: shareholders, employees, customers, planet and community.
The Disability:IN Inclusion Awards’ "Marketplace Innovator of the Year” recognizes an external marketing or communications campaign that includes powerful and positive images of disability. Award recipients are selected by a committee. A company must be a corporate partner of Disability:IN to be considered for this award. Voya is an Inclusion Works member of Disability:IN and Voya’s Paul J. Gennaro, chief brand and communications officer, serves on Disability:IN’s board of directors.
Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Leadership Club: The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has named Voya Financial a member of its Green Power Leadership Club. Green Power Partners agree to use green power that meets or exceeds Partnership requirements and agree to report on green power use annually. They must also use the Green Power Partner mark in a manner that is consistent with Partner mark use guidelines. The EPA automatically includes all partner organizations in the club that report they are using the qualifying amount of green power. Green Power Partner Minimum Requirements are based on the organization's annual electricity usage. Eligible green power includes electricity generated from solar, wind, geothermal, biogas and certain forms of biomass and hydropower. Green power must be sourced from eligible U.S.-based generation facilities. The requirement can be met with any combination of green power products (i.e., utility product, RECs, or on-site generation). Partner purchases must be voluntary and incremental to the renewable electricity included in the standard electricity service. Requirements must be entirely met with power from "new" renewable facilities (i.e., installed within the last 15 years). Partners may join organization-wide (U.S. operations only), at the facility-level, or a logical aggregation of facilities less than organization-wide.
Environmental Protection Agency Green Power Partnership Fortune 500 partner: The Green Power Partnership is a voluntary program that encourages organizations to use green power as a way to reduce the environmental impacts associated with conventional electricity use. At the end of 2018, more than 1,500 Partners were collectively using nearly 55 billion kilowatt-hours (kWh) of green power annually, equivalent to the electricity use of more than 5 million average American homes. Partners include a wide variety of leading organizations such as Fortune 500 companies; small and medium sized businesses; local, state and federal governments; and colleges and universities.
EPEAT Purchaser Awards: Managed by the Green Electronics Council (GEC), the EPEAT Purchaser Awards recognize excellence in sustainable procurement of Information Technology (IT) products. The awards are open to all organizations around the globe that purchase EPEAT-registered products; have, or are actively developing, an organizational purchasing policy for sustainable procurement, with specific guidelines for IT products and electronics; and specify or use contracts (if applicable) that require or prefer EPEAT registered products (PC/Displays, Imaging Equipment, Mobile Phones, Servers, and Televisions) inclusive of applicable service contracts. Using the EPEAT Benefits Calculators, GEC calculates the environmental and cost benefits of the full lifecycle of sustainable purchases made by each award winner.
FTSE4GoodIndex Series: FTSE4Good Index Series is a set of market capitalization-weighted indexes maintained by the FTSE Group (Financial Times Stock Exchange to measure the performance of companies that meet globally recognized corporate responsibility standards. To be included in the FTSE4Good Indexes, companies must, for example, support human rights, have good relationships with the various stakeholders, make progress to become environmentally sustainable, ensure good labor standards not only for their own company but for companies that supply them as well, and fight bribery and corruption. An independent committee of experts, in consultations with NGOs (Non-Government Organizations), academics, government bodies and investors, develop the criteria and regularly update and review conformity to their ESG standards.
Forbes America’s Best Large Employers were chosen based on an independent survey from a vast sample of approximately 50,000 U.S. employees working for companies employing at least 1,000 people in their U.S. operations. The employees were not consulted via their employers, but the surveys were conducted anonymously through several online panels where the employee could openly state their opinion.
Diversity Best Practices Inclusion Index participants are scored in three areas: best practices in recruitment, retention and advancement of people from under-represented groups—women, racial/ethnic minorities, people with disabilities, and lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer (LGBTQ) people; creating an inclusive culture through leadership, accountability, communications and employee engagement; and transparency in willingness to share Workforce Demographic Data.
Great Place to Work: Voya Financial earned this recertification based on ratings provided by more than 2,300 of its employees in a survey administered by the Great Place to Work® Institute. Companies do pay a fee to the Great Place to Work Institute to conduct certification surveys.
Working Mother 100 Best Companies: The 2019 Working Mother 100 Best Companies application includes more than 400 questions on leave policies, workforce representation, benefits, childcare, advancement programs, flexibility policies and more. It surveys the availability and usage of these programs, as well as the accountability of the many managers who oversee them. Company profiles and data come from submitted applications and reflect 2018 data.
Dow Jones Sustainability North America Index: Launched in 1999, the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) is the first global index to track the leading sustainability-driven companies based on an analysis of financially material environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors and S&P DJSI’s robust index methodology. Of the 35 companies in the diversified financial services industry invited to disclose data for the 2019 DJSI, eight were selected for inclusion in the index.
Best Places to Work in Money Management: Voya Investment Management was named to Pensions & Investments magazine's 2019 Best Places to Work in Money Management list. Firms that participated were required to complete a two-step survey conducted by Best Places to Work Group. First, an employee questionnaire was completed by the firm's HR department that captured information around benefits, retirement, training and development and incentive structure, among other topics. Second, employees completed a survey that looked at several elements of being an employee at Voya—including engagement and satisfaction, work environment, career development and remuneration in addition to two open-ended questions about working at Voya.
Forbes World’s Best Employer: More than 430,000 global recommendations were analyzed by Statista to create the World’s Best Employers list. Employees were asked to rate their own employer and the likelihood they would recommend the company to a friend or family member. They were also asked to recommend other employers they admired. This list is based on Forbes’ 2018 Global 2000 rankings, which included publicly traded companies from 60 countries that together accounted for $39.1 trillion in sales, $3.2 trillion in profit, $189 trillion in assets and $56.8 trillion in market value
National Association for Female Executives Top Companies for Executive Women: Voya Financial was one of 70 companies named to the National Association for Female Executives Top Companies for Executive Women. The application includes more than 200 questions on topics including female representation at all levels, but especially the corporate officer and profit-and-loss leadership ranks. The application tracks and examines how many employees have access to programs and policies that promote advancement of women and how many employees take advantage of them, plus how companies train managers to help women advance. To be considered, companies must have minimum of two women on their board of directors as well as at least 1,000 U.S. employees.
Fortune’s Best Workplaces for Giving Back, 2018: Voya was named one of the Best Workplaces for Giving Back by Fortune editors in February 9, 2018 issue, based on information compiled by Great Place to Work and survey feedback of more than 380,000 employees across hundreds of companies regarding corporate philanthropy.
MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes: The MSCI ESG Leaders Indexes target companies that have the highest environmental, social and governance (ESG) rated performance in each sector of the parent index. The indexes target a 50% sector representation vs. the parent index, aiming to include companies with the highest MSCI ESG Ratings in each sector. The index suite utilizes MSCI’s award winning ESG Research and ESG Ratings to identify companies that have demonstrated an ability to manage their ESG risks and opportunities and are therefore eligible for inclusion.