Voya Unsung Heroes

For two decades, and with nearly $5 million in awarded grants, Voya Unsung Heroes has proven to be an A+ program with educators. The program’s “alumni” have inspired success in the classroom and impacted tens of thousands of students.

Each year, educators submit applications for a Voya Unsung Heroes grant by describing projects they have initiated or would like to pursue. Each project is judged on its innovative method, creativity, and ability to positively influence the students. 100 finalists are selected to receive a $2,000 grant, payable to both the winning teacher and his/her school. At least one grant is awarded in each of the 50 states, provided at least one qualified application was received from each state. Of the 100 finalists, three are selected for additional financial awards: $25,000 for first place; $10,000 for second place; and $5,000 for third place.

For more information on Voya Unsung Heroes, including the application process, please visit unsungheroes.com.

Captain Planet Foundation

Voya’s partnership with Captain Planet Foundation provides ecoTech™ grants to innovative environmental science programs driven by both students and their educators across the country. Specifically designated for projects that get students out of their classroom or home to explore the intersection of technology and the environment, the grants are collaborative in nature and are meant for educators to engage students not only in the funded projects but in the program design itself.

Examples of previous ecoTech™ grant funded projects have involved the integration of robotics and sensors to explore water bodies, collect data, and organize clean-ups; the development of aquaponic and hydroponic systems using Arduino and remote sensing; renewable energy design challenges; biotechnology research; nature-based design applications; and many others.

While Voya Foundation supports ecoTech™ programs around Voya Financial office locations, funding opportunities are available nationally for a wide scope of programming and development. For more information, please visit Captain Planet Foundation.