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In addition to an array of health and welfare and retirement benefits, Voya offers many other ways to bring value and satisfaction to your work experience. This section of Pre-Boarding highlights just a few of the work/life benefits that are generally available to all eligible employees. For more information on your site's local programs, see Your New Company/Your Location.


Managing the demands of your work and personal life may require creative scheduling. Voya recognizes this need in its diverse workforce. Whether you are raising a family, caring for your parents, or trying to continue your education, there may be times when some flexibility is needed. To help you balance these demands, Voya supports flexible work schedules whenever possible and practical.

  • Flextime is a set of work hours that permits an employee to start and/or end at a time other than Voya's standard hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm). For example, working 40 hours in four weekdays and taking the fifth day off. If flextime is important to you, we encourage you to partner with your manager to find a solution that supports both your needs and the business' goals. Just remember that flextime is a benefit, not an entitlement.

Time Off

Voya has created a time off program designed to meet the diverse needs and interests of its employees. Paid Time Off (PTO) gives you the flexibility to meet your personal needs, whether it's vacation time, school or religious activities, illness, appointments or personal business. On your hire date, you receive an allotment of hours. Part-time employees receive a prorated allotment based on their scheduled hours.

  • Other time off programs include paid holidays, jury or military duty, bereavement and personal leave.

Volunteer Opportunities

Voya supports and encourages your contribution of time, talent and financial resources to your favorite charity, as well as to Voya sponsored programs. Voya employees volunteer thousands of hours annually in a variety of activities, including building Habitat for Humanity homes, partnering with local schools, and delivering meals to the elderly.

We recognize that your involvement in community projects and organizations provides valuable leadership training, work experience and a sense of personal fulfillment. Our Volunteer Time Away gives full-time employees with six months of continuous service up to 40 hours of paid time off each year to pursue volunteer opportunities.

Matching Gifts

Involvement in our local communities is important in shaping who we are and how we're perceived as an organization. Our Community Relations Group oversees the Voya Foundation, the primary charitable giving arm for Voya.

The Voya Foundation administers the Matching Gifts program, which matches financial contributions by eligible participants to qualifying non-profit organizations. This program is one of the most generous in our industry, providing a dollar-for-dollar match opportunity for eligible employees up to the program's annual cumulative limit of $1 million.