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Voya Financial® is committed to conducting its business responsibly, and fundamental to that is environmental protection. As a result, we critically review our business activities to discover ways in which we can decrease our negative impact. In doing so, Voya Financial measures:

  • Energy Consumption
  • Waste Reduction
  • Paper Consumption
  • Travel Reduction

For more information about our commitment to the environment, please see our Environmental Commitment Statement.

The measurement of our activities in these areas requires a spectrum of programs that comprehensively address our business operations. They are depicted in the matrix below:

Energy Waste Paper Travel Water

Renewable Energy

Recycling Voumes

Default Double-sided Printing

Business Air & Car Travel

Irrigation Reduction

Green Buildings

Waste Volumes

FSC Certified Paper

Video Conferencing

Automatic Sensor Faucets

Power Management

E-Waste Program

E-Statement Awareness

Public Transit

Low-Flow Toilets

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

Awareness Programs

2014 Environmental Achievement Highlights

Energy Efficiency

  • 39% energy reduction since 2007;
  • Implemented power management technology on computers, monitors and printers;
  • Raised building temperatures during summer months to 75 degrees Fahrenheit and lowered temperatures during the winter months to 70 degrees.

Investment in Green Energy

  • 100% wind REC (renewable energy certificate) purchase;
  • Reached a milestone 9th year of purchasing renewable energy credits, covering 100% of Voya Financial’s (formerly ING U.S.) energy consumption.

“Reduce, Re-use, Recycle” Efforts

  • “Bring Your Own Mug” program;
  • The Windsor and West Chester offices have implemented compost programs to divert organic waste from landfills.;
  • Use of remanufactured furniture;
  • Enterprise wide print management strategy to reduce power and waste;
  • 45 tons of e-waste diverted from landfill through partnership with Intechra.

Water Use

  • 30% reduction in water use since 2008, or 6 million gallons.

Paper Use

  • Duplex printing implemented on 97% of printers, increased from 38%, through SmartPrint project;
  • Paper purchase policy instituted whereby paper manufactured with a minimum of 30% recycled paper and FSC certified is our standard;
  • 71% reduction in paper use since 2007, equaling 394 tons.


  • 46% reduction in air miles flown since 2007, or 25.7 million miles;
  • 41% reduction in business miles driven since 2007, or 2.8 million miles.

Virtually Orange and Work-From-Home Programs

  • 17% of the total employee population worked remotely;
  • 15,000,000 employee commuting miles reduced through Virtually Orange programs (employees who work from home )in 2013 (calculated using 35-mile roundtrip);
  • Approximately 1,200 employees and 500 contractors worked Virtually Orange, 265% increase since 2007;
  • Approximately 400 additional employees work from home each day through flexible arrangements.

Awareness Programs

  • Orange Goes Green employee teams at all major sites;
  • Orange Goes Green 2013 survey indicated 22% of our employees use public transportation, carpool and other carbon reducing methods such as walking or biking