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At Voya, we are a different kind of company because of our people and our culture. Led by our Chairman and CEO Rodney O. Martin, Jr., we began a cultural transformation to focus on not just a function of the goals we accomplish, but “how” we accomplish those goals through our employees. We realized that our business success is a function of both.

The extent to which employees demonstrate the nine competencies of Voya’s Leadership Model comprises a portion of their performance rating. Employees must not only meet business objectives, they must also go about it by:

  • Demonstrating integrity
  • Focusing on the customer
  • Building a strong organization
  • Creating and leading change
  • Delivering results
  • Excelling at execution
  • Leading with passion and clarity
  • Developing people and self
  • Working as one company

Voya conducted its second Organizational Health Index survey in 2015 to re-assess the health of the company. Voya saw a 10-point improvement since taking the survey in 2012. The participation rate also reached 90 percent, which exceeded leadership expectations. The results were positive proof points that demonstrate how Voya is successfully leading a cultural transformation.

The evolution of our culture will lead next to the introduction of our Employee Value Proposition, which articulates what we offer to our people, what we need in return, and how we connect this understanding to everything we do. Articulating that will strengthen the understanding of how our talent contributes to the success of Voya. And, ultimately, help us achieve ongoing profitable results for our business.