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Voya's ability to respond to ever-changing financial markets begins with Voya actuaries improving our ability to make decisions by making financial sense of the future and putting a price tag on future risk.

If you're interested in an actuarial career, start with Voya’s Actuarial Student Program. You can choose to participate full-time or as a summer intern. The objective of the Actuarial Student Programs is to develop Fellows of the Society of Actuaries who are qualified to assume management positions within Voya.

The program is designed to help students pass the rigorous set of exams given by the Society of Actuaries while developing the technical and managerial skills necessary to assume a management position. Through challenging rotational assignments, students are exposed to multiple facets of Voya and a variety of work experience such as: Pricing, Valuation, Modeling, Financial Reporting, and Asset/Liability Management.

Why apply to Voya Financial's Actuarial Student Program?

  • Supportive Actuarial Program conducive to exam progression
  • Diverse actuarial challenges and opportunities
  • Long-term career opportunities
  • A stimulating work environment

To apply, Voya Financial is looking for:

  • A minimum 3.2 GPA with a concentration in Actuarial Science, Mathematics, Statistics or Economics.
  • Demonstrated ability to successfully complete the Society of Actuaries actuarial exams.
  • Strong leadership, communication and analytical skills.
  • A person who is computer savvy, and a quick and versatile learner.